Hi I’m Dave the owner of Speed Dating Limerick.  After moving to Ireland from the UK nearly 5 years ago I was single and living outside Limerick in a small village with not much going on and a weak social scene to say the least. Whilst working full time it was difficult to adapt to another country and being single made it even harder. I spent a lot of my time using dating apps and online dating services which were definitely not a success. My view is that there is no substitute for meeting someone face to face. I trolled through the internet to find singles events nearby and was so surprised that Limerick had no such thing to offer. It was always an idea of mine to set up my own singles event as I was sure that there were like-minded people in the area but I just never got around to it, until now…..

Speed Dating Limerick is a local business set up with the aim of hosting quality singles events in and around the Limerick area. We will be organising a selection of events to suit all ages. Be it speed dating events or singles parties we handpick all of our venues based on the quality, location, event type and the age and profile of our clients. You can come on your own without feeling out of place or bring some friends along for support! Our aim is to ensure you have a fun, enjoy yourself and bring you together with like-minded individuals in comfortable surroundings.

So if you are single, looking to meet that special someone and want to try something new then why not come to one of our events and try it for yourself? You never know who you may meet and life is too short to be single!


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