I Attended An Event, So What Happens Now?

Now you have been speed dating it’s time to play the waiting game, but you won’t have to wait too long. Within 24 to 48 hours if you have matched with someone you will receive an email with their contact details on it, then the rest is up to you!

I Didn’t Get A Match

Don’t worry if you didn’t match, that is normal and it happens to the best of us. It’s important to understand there is no guarantee that you will match with someone on your first, second or even your third event. Just have an open mind. Understand that the special one you are looking for could always be just around the corner or at the next event.

I Matched with Someone, Now What?

Once you have wiped that cheeky grin off your face it’s time to do something about it! But what next? There are no rules as to who contacts who. The reality is you both know that you like each other. The best advice is to make the contact sooner rather than later. Strike while the iron’s hot and whilst you still remember which of your speed dates you are contacting!

How Long Do I Wait To Make Contact?

There is no magical recommended time to wait to make contact your match. However,leaving it too long can often be a risk just in case you match has other matches too!  So don’t delay get in touch asap while there is still that excitement in the air!

Second Thoughts About Your Match?

So you’ve matched and now you have had second thoughts. You’re not 100% sure about them the person you matched with. That’s not a problem, it happens to the best of us. It’s pretty normal to question if you like someone. Isn’t that the whole point of dating?  Remember, selecting someone at a speed dating event does not mean that you are committed to anything. Speed dating is about expanding your social circle.

I’m Still Not 100% Sure On My Match, But Lets Meet Up!

If you’re not sure about someone, why not organise to meet for a fixed time period such as a half hour lunch time or a quick drink after work.  If during this date you decide you really don’t want to see the person again and want to make this message clear then just be honest. We are all grown-ups here and we shouldn’t feel too embarrassed to tell the truth.

I Like My Match, So Lets Plan To Meet

Ok, the awkwardness of that first phone call is gone! You both discuss the fun you had at the speed dating event, talk about how your week has been and decide you want to meet up again.

Now you should treat the situation as you would any other where you meet someone you like. Arrange to meet for a coffee, a tipple or some dinner and treat it like a normal date. Just remember to be yourself and enjoy! The hardest part is out of the way already.

My Match Is Not Responding To Me!

So you have tried to make contact with your match with no luck. You keep checking your email and phone awaiting their reply but it’s not looking good. What next?  It’s safe to say if you don’t receive a response after 2/3 attempts it’s time to head back to the drawing board. Maybe your match has had second thoughts but don’t let that get you down! This can happen and it just means it obviously wasn’t meant to be.  Brush yourself off, keep your chin up and sign up for your next speed dating event. After all, it’s a numbers game!