It is imperative that you fully read and abide by our terms and conditions whilst using this site. If you don’t agree with any of our terms or conditions please do not subscribe or use our site, or attend any of our events.

Speed Dating Ireland ltd, trading as Speed Dating Limerick, is a registered business (Business Number 589790) within the Republic Of Ireland. Registration was completed and granted by Companies Registration Office, Parnell House, 14 Parnell Square, Dublin 1,  Eircode: D01 E6W8

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

Access to this site, or any other site operated or owned by Speed Dating Ireland Ltd is solely restricted to individuals agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of use set out in this agreement. When you register any personal details or contact information with Speed Dating Limerick, it will be considered as your acknowledgement and agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of the site and to use the site in accordance with all applicable laws of this jurisdiction of the Republic of Ireland It is important that you read these terms and conditions carefully, if you are not in agreement with ANY of the terms and conditions set forth, you should not register for any of the services offered by this site.

This site is not intended for use by anyone 18 years of age or younger. Do not register on this online dating service if you are under 18 years of age.

Site Access:

Members must fully agree not to allow their login credentials (username, password ) or any other access details to be shared or other party, nor to allow any third party to assume the identity or change the details of another members account.

By registering with this dating site you agree:

When registering for this site you must ensure to provide truthful and accurate information about yourself in the registration of your details and contact information i.e email and phone numbers. In addition you agree not to misrepresent yourself on this service or at events by means of email, SMS, instant messenger or in person to any other party.

In the interest of safety members must not in any circumstance provide any personal contact information; be it their full name, address, telephone number, email address to any other registered party or unregistered party, where such information is ultimately used to secure a first date . Should information be passed between two parties in this way this site will not be held to any responsibility for any future interactions between these two parties.
All event registrants or members  may have their first name and age, likes and dislikes displayed online so as to allow other event attendees recognise and communicate with event attendees at the same event. This information will be available on the web or via our website
You agree that by providing your contact details such as name, telephone number and email address to Speed Dating Ireland trading as you may receive upcoming event information via email or text message.

Protecting your rights & Information:

When using your personal data to register on or any other site operated or owned by Speed Dating Ireland we will do our very best to ensure that your data is protected at all times. Your data will not be shared with any other company and your registration and the details you provide will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Members will agree not to use this online dating agency or any of the sites managed by Speed Dating Ireland Ltd to transmit or distribute material that is likely to infringe upon or violate the rights of others – management reserves the right to have sole discretion on what activity would constitute such an infringement and will remove any offending material or statement without notice – members who engage in such activity may have their membership revoked.

Members agree not to engage in any activity that is unlawful, harassing, libellous, abusive, threatening, harmful, bigoted, racially offensive, obscene or conduct that could constitute a criminal offence. Members agree to abide by the national laws of the state within which they reside, or within European and International law where national law does not apply in their conduct and activity on this site.


Definition of a Match: When two parties that both attend one of our events express an interest in speaking or seeing each other outside from one of our events.
As advised above your data will not be shared, however in the event you and another attendee at a speed dating event select eachother as a match you are agreeing that your personal data ( Name , Telephone Number and Email Address) can be shared verbally or via email correspondence with the other party after the event has taken place.

Once this data has been passed to your match Speed Dating Ireland LTD and take no responsibility for any communication or correspondence in any way by both parties.

Events & Billing Information:

The cost of each event will be displayed at point of sale.

We accept payments from all the major credit card companies via paypal. All services must be paid by a valid credit/debit card  drawn against the members own bank account. Refunds are given at the discretion of Speed Dating Ireland LTD and management reserve the right to change this policy as and when required.

To cancel your account:

Login to your account, Click on the unsubscribe button. Once you have clicked this you will then agree to completely unsubscribe from all correspondence and event listings that Speed Dating Ireland and run. If you unsubscribe and cancel your online account but have paid for a speed dating event held by us then you will be entitles to a refund. Management reserve the right to provide a refund and all refunds are discretionary.

Speed Dating Ireland is not responsible for any contact made by a third party that was passed your contact details once your account is closed. These details were passed as per the agreement found in the Match section of our terms and conditions and we will take no responsibility for any contact made once your account is closed.

Speed Dating Ireland reserve the right to reject any profile deemed to have performed suspicious activity whether paid or not and will not be held responsible for repayment of monies spent.

Event Refunds:

If you are unable to attend one of our events and you have already purchased a ticket refunds will not be permitted. You will have the option of being moved to another event if spaces are available and this will be at the discretion of management.

If Speed Dating Limerick have to cancel an event then a the option to be transferred to another event will be given, if full refund is requested by the guest then this will be processed automatically. Refunds may take up to 7 days to appear in your bank account.

We are not liable:

Speed dating Ireland Ltd,  or any of the sites managed by Speed Dating Ireland or its staff or its agents or affiliates have no responsibility for, nor an obligation to, verify, defend or refute the accuracy, reliability, legality, suitability or the propriety of any material that any member chooses to post within their registration details, or on any subsequent communication within or external to the services/events of our company. The company acknowledges no responsibility for any loss or injury, physical or psychological, resulting from your use of this service/attendance at events/meetings with members or, from material posted by members of this site within registration detail or in subsequent private communication; even if such loss or injury is inflicted due to a members breach of the terms and conditions set out herein. You hereby acknowledge that the company will use its best efforts to ensure that all members abide by the stated terms and conditions, but that you bear full responsibility for all items that you post on this service, in whatever form, and bear full responsibility for any and all material that you read, view or listen to on this service and for any resulting harm that may arise from this activity. All persons booking an event will have their first name, age, likes and dislikes displayed online so as to allow event attendees recognise and communicate with event attendees at the same event. This information will be be available on the web via

What we are offering:

We are working hard at making this a great dating experience for all of our members. However we cannot guarantee that we will meet everyone’s expectations but we will do our best to accommodate. Speed Dating Ireland does not guarantee an even number of ladies & men at the events but we try to keep the gender balance even. Speed Dating Ireland provides this online dating service and speed dating service as an, ‘as seen’ service and, offers you the user no guarantees or warranties as to the value of the services or the ability of the service to fulfil any or all purpose to which you had intended. Further, the company will make best efforts to ensure a hassle free and pleasant service and events but it does not guarantee or warrant against uninterrupted service, always available or error free service. The company reserves the right to make changes in the service at any time without notice or liability to you. The company also reserves the right to suspend or terminate your membership and activity on site if the company feels you to be in breach of your obligations under the stated terms and conditions of the site.

What you can’t do:

All sections of this site including images, material or systems is owned by Speed Dating Ireland Ltd, save where such rights to this material already exists. You shall not copy, publish, download, modify, transmit, distribute, perform display or sell any part of this site as your own.


Insurance & Public Liability:

Speed Dating Ireland  trading as Speed Dating Limerick would like to point out that it is the responsibility of each event attendee to ensure that he/she is adequately insured, in the event that he/she sustains an injury while participating in a Speed Dating Ireland event or activity.

Speed Dating Limerick or Speed Dating Ireland Ltd takes no responsibility for injuries and event attendees and players are participating at their own risk.  Speed Dating Ireland and Speed Dating Limerick Ltd recommend that every attendee has their own personal accident insurance.